In Blackjack, the game have some differences for a player and for the dealer.

  1. The player plays first and if she is busted, she loses her bet. Suppose in the same round the dealer is also busted, but the player is not getting her money back. That means if both the player and the dealer are busted, the player loses money, which can be considered unfair for the player.
  2. The house pays 3/2 of the bet when the player has a natural (an ace and a ten). This is a promotion to the player because the player does not lose 3/2 of her bet when the dealer gets a natural.
  3. The dealer follows a fixed strategy, hit until 17 and face one of the starting cards in her hand. The player could make the optimal decisions for stopping, doubling and splitting according to this open card.

The house has an edge of $0.68 per $100 bet.